Added Value

Stands exclusive with the latest materials and finished to the highest quality.
It is a team effort with our architects, designers and marketing specialists and advertising, here lies your warranty.
From the beginning has a project manager whose sole aim is to get success.




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Oficina Ifema

(Desde 2001 situada en el pabellón Nº7)

Oficinas centrales

(Adquiridas en 2001_650m2)

Taller carpintería y lacados 

(Adquiridos en 1991_800m2)

Almacén central para

ferias y eventos

(Adquiridos en 2004_4.800m2)

Almacén tableros 

(Adquiridos en 2006_4.600m2)

Taller eléctrico y rotulación

(Adquiridos en 1993_1.400m2)

Electrical Workshop and labeling
(Purchased in 1993_1.400m2)

Central Storage
Shows and Events

(Purchased in 2004_4.800m2)

Carpentry Workshop and lacquered
(Purchased in 1991_800m2)

Office IFEMA
(Since 2001 located in Hall No.7)

(Acquired 2001_650m2)

Warehouse boards
(Purchased in 2006_4.600m2)