Added Value

In 1991 we made our first job at the Cologne furniture fair, 25 years later we know the ins and outs of hundreds of locations such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, China, South Korea, Japan, India, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, Dubai, South Africa ... experience to help us decide which image, which material is best fits your needs, the logistics of our assembly and shipping of their products




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Oficina Ifema

(Desde 2001 situada en el pabellón Nº7)

Oficinas centrales

(Adquiridas en 2001_650m2)

Taller carpintería y lacados 

(Adquiridos en 1991_800m2)

Almacén central para

ferias y eventos

(Adquiridos en 2004_4.800m2)

Almacén tableros 

(Adquiridos en 2006_4.600m2)

Taller eléctrico y rotulación

(Adquiridos en 1993_1.400m2)

Electrical Workshop and labeling
(Purchased in 1993_1.400m2)

Central Storage
Shows and Events

(Purchased in 2004_4.800m2)

Carpentry Workshop and lacquered
(Purchased in 1991_800m2)

Office IFEMA
(Since 2001 located in Hall No.7)

(Acquired 2001_650m2)

Warehouse boards
(Purchased in 2006_4.600m2)